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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-90902/11/2020ClassifiedPicnic Point ElementaryApply
Paraeducator, Job 19-90802/11/2020ClassifiedHorizon ElementaryApply
Teacher, Developmental Preschool, Job 19-22102/11/2020CertificatedColumbia ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-90702/10/2020ClassifiedMariner High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-90602/10/2020ClassifiedOlivia Park ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-85802/10/2020ClassifiedSerene Lake ElementaryApply
Specialist, School Nurse Positions, Job 20-102002/06/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Speech Language Pathologist Positions, Job 20-101802/06/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
School Psychologist Positions, Job 20-101702/06/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Coach, Assistant Unified Track, Job 19-90002/05/2020Extra-CurricularKamiak High SchoolApply
Paraeducator, Job 19-84802/05/2020ClassifiedChallenger ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-82102/05/2020ClassifiedKamiak High SchoolApply
Coach, Assistant Softball, Job 19-89902/04/2020Extra-CurricularMariner High SchoolApply
Coach, Assistant Girls Soccer, Job 20-50402/03/2020Extra-CurricularKamiak High SchoolApply
Teacher, High School Social Studies Positions, Job 20-101301/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, High School English Positions, Job 20-101201/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, High School Math Positions, Job 20-101001/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, Middle School Social Studies Positions, Job 20-100901/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, Middle School Language Arts Positions, Job 20-100801/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, Middle School Science Positions, Job 20-100701/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, Middle School Math Positions, Job 20-100601/31/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Assistant Dispatcher, Job 19-88801/29/2020ClassifiedTransportationApply
Coach, Assistant High School Boys Baseball, Job 19-88701/29/2020Extra-CurricularMariner High SchoolApply
Teacher, Special Education Positions, Job 20-100101/28/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Teacher, Elementary Positions, Job 20-100001/28/2020CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Deputy Superintendent, Job 20-00601/28/2020AdministrativeDistrict OfficeApply
Director, Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center, Job 20-00501/21/2020AdministrativeSno-Isle Skills CenterApply
Director, Assessment and Student Success, Job 20-00301/21/2020AdministrativeDistrict OfficeApply
Director, Career and Technical Education, Job 20-00201/21/2020AdministrativeDistrict OfficeApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-86101/21/2020ClassifiedFairmount ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 19-85212/10/2019ClassifiedKamiak High SchoolApply
Coach, Assistant Track, Job 19-83611/26/2019Extra-CurricularHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Substitute Office Assistant, Job 19-79910/09/2019ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
Substitute Nutrition Service, Job 19-50108/29/2019ClassifiedDistrict Support Services CenterApply
Substitute Custodian, Job 19-50008/16/2019ClassifiedDistrict Support Services CenterApply
Substitute Paraeducator, Job 19-50308/06/2019ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
Substitute Bus Driver, Job 19-50208/05/2019ClassifiedTransportationApply
Substitute Teacher, Job 19-00107/29/2019CertificatedDistrict WideApply
Substitute Nurse, Job 19-15807/26/2019CertificatedDistrict WideApply
Specialist, Speech Language Pathologist Positions, Job 19-101803/26/2019CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Certificated Education Career Fair Participation, Job 20-00001/09/2019CertificatedVariousApply
Teacher, High School Science Positions, Job 20-101101/31/2000CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply