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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0732 LS12/06/2023ClassifiedLake Stickney ElementaryApply
Teacher, Special Services Preschool, Job 23-0080 PKC12/05/2023CertificatedPathfinder Kindergarten CenterApply
Coach, Unified Assistant Soccer, Job 23-3053 MA12/04/2023Extra-CurricularMariner High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0759 MA12/04/2023ClassifiedMariner High SchoolApply
Nutrition Service I-Lead, Job 23-0758 FA12/04/2023ClassifiedFairmount ElementaryApply
Paraeducator/Nutrition Service I, Job 23-0757 OE12/04/2023ClassifiedOdyssey ElementaryApply
Paraeducator, Job 23-0756 PKC12/04/2023ClassifiedPathfinder Kindergarten CenterApply
Office Assistant II, Job 23-0755 EX12/04/2023ClassifiedExplorer Middle SchoolApply
Office Assistant II, Job 23-0754 KA12/04/2023ClassifiedKamiak High SchoolApply
Paraeducator, Job 23-0753 MA12/04/2023ClassifiedMariner High SchoolApply
Teacher, Multilingual, Job 23-0079 EX12/04/2023CertificatedExplorer Middle SchoolApply
School Nurse Specialist, Job 23-0078 FA12/04/2023CertificatedFairmount ElementaryApply
Coach, Head Special Olympics, Job 23-3051 MA12/01/2023Extra-CurricularMariner High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0752 EX12/01/2023ClassifiedExplorer Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0646 MA11/28/2023ClassifiedMariner High SchoolApply
Coach, Assistant Unified Sports, Job 23-3050 MA11/27/2023Extra-CurricularMariner High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0749 OE11/22/2023ClassifiedOdyssey ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0745 KA11/17/2023ClassifiedKamiak High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0743 EN11/14/2023ClassifiedEndeavour ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0742 EN11/14/2023ClassifiedEndeavour ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0688 CO11/09/2023ClassifiedColumbia ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0681 TLC11/09/2023ClassifiedTeaching & Learning CenterApply
Speech Language Pathologist, Job 23-007311/07/2023CertificatedVariousApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0730 ECEAP11/03/2023ClassifiedECEAPApply
Athletic Event Daily Worker - Seasonal, Job 23-3049 Various11/01/2023Extra-CurricularVariousApply
Substitute Non-CDL Driver, 23-0727 TR10/31/2023ClassifiedTransportationApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0719 DI10/25/2023ClassifiedDiscovery ElementaryApply
Coach, Assistant Unified Basketball, Job 23-3045 KA10/16/2023Extra-CurricularKamiak High SchoolApply
Specialist, School Nurse Positions, Job 23-102010/16/2023CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Assistant Dispatcher, Job 23-0691 TR10/04/2023ClassifiedTransportationApply
Substitute Nurse, Job 22-016310/03/2023CertificatedDistrict WideApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0699 FA09/29/2023ClassifiedFairmount ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0538 FA09/29/2023ClassifiedFairmount ElementaryApply
Substitute Paraeducator - Health Services, Job 23-050509/27/2023ClassifiedVariousApply
Bus Driver, Job 23-0604 TR09/19/2023ClassifiedTransportationApply
Paraeducator, Job 23-0551 CH09/15/2023ClassifiedChallenger ElementaryApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0544 MA09/13/2023ClassifiedMariner High SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0675 VO09/08/2023ClassifiedVoyager Middle SchoolApply
Student Intern Substitutes, Job 23-999908/31/2023CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0628 HP08/31/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0563 HP08/25/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0650 HP08/24/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0566 HP08/23/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0565 HP08/21/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0638 HP08/17/2023ClassifiedHarbour Pointe Middle SchoolApply
Conditional Paraeducator, Job 23-0599 DI08/17/2023ClassifiedDiscovery ElementaryApply
School Psychologist Positions, Job 23-101708/16/2023CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Emergency Substitute Teacher, Job 23-020008/02/2023CertificatedDistrict WideApply
Teacher, Special Service Positions, Job 23-100108/01/2023CertificatedTo Be DeterminedApply
Coach, Assistant Boys Soccer, Job 23-3027 KA08/01/2023Extra-CurricularKamiak High SchoolApply